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Data of a personal nature about yourself (family name, forename, national registration no., gender, association, law firm, home address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail, web address, date and place of birth, marital status, photo, bank account no., preferred type of work, date of taking the oath and registration on the Table, periods of leave, diplomas, languages spoken, university posts, willingness or otherwise to participate in legal aid, work as a disciplinary investigator, turnover of your law firm, and if applicable date of lodging and the reason for a disciplinary instruction and disciplinary sanction) are handled by the Bar of the lawyers of  Liège (lawyers of the Bar Council and their administrative staff), whose headquarters are at 4000 Liège, Place Saint-Lambert, in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of personal privacy in respect of the processing of data of a personal nature:
(i) for the purposes of administrative management of members, calculating and collecting  contributions and upkeep of the Table, list of trainees and lawyers' fees;
(ii) for the purposes of issuing, collecting and checking invoices;
(iii) for the purposes of  maintaining paper and electronic directories;
(iv) for the purposes of controlling access to conferences, sending out and following up orders for works, invoicing, sending promotional information about conferences;
(v) for the purposes of passing on paper and electronic information letters (including an optional version of commercial promotion, to which you can unsubscribe);
(vi) for the purposes of managing the extranet;
(vii) for the purposes of managing legal aid by the CAJ and LAB;
(viii) for the purposes of compiling statistics;
(ix)  if applicable, for the purposes of dealing with disciplinary instructions and sanctions.

You explicitly indicate your agreement that data absolutely necessary for each of the purposes set out below will be passed only to the following third parties:
(x) to ASBL CLJB, to enable it to invite you to its activities;
(xi) to ASBL EJBL, to enable it to invite you to its activities and process any order for works and to send out relevant professional information;
(xii) TO ASBL Commission Jeunesse du Barreau de Liège (Young People's Committee of Liège) and/or the CAJ, to facilitate administration of its members and to invite you to its  activities;
(xiii) to OBFG for the following purposes: extranet management; if applicable, managing your e-mail box, and at all events your alias @avocat.be; upkeep of paper directories, web, ldap; sending out paper and electronic information reviews; upkeep of databases required by Phenix and articles 4 of the law of 10 August 2005 and the new 430 of the LC, which are therefore made available to the Justice SPF; dissemination to the French- and German-speaking lawyers in disciplinary sentences about yourself or a colleague;
(xiv) to insurance companies, for policies taken out collectively and, if necessary, individually and hence in certain circumstances where required for the processing of your file, data relating to health, if need be without the intervention of a healthcare professional;
(xv) to Pyramiq SA, Topsystem SA, MHC SA and Kluwer SA , for the directories held by their law- firm management software;
(xvi) if applicable, to the French- and German-speaking disciplinary board and disciplinary appeals board, as provided under articles 456 and 464 of the Legal Code;
(xvii) à ING SA pour la seule finalité du service Privalis, à l'exclusion de toute fin de marketing direct.

This type of processing has received identifier no. VT4003266 by the Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy. 

These data will be used only for the purposes stated above, unless you explicitly object to its use for the purposes set out in points iv, v (), vii and x. Data of a personal nature that you provide to us will be recorded on a file controlled by the Bar of the lawyers of Liège, and which it is responsible for processing. The Commission has allocated management number HM 2002195 to the Bar.

By sending a signed, dated request in writing to the person responsible for processing, and proving your identity, you can have corrections made by the communications office to any data that are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant; this will be done without charge, providing the volume of data involved is reasonable. You may also turn to the Commission for the protection of personal privacy to enforce your rights. The Presiding Officer of the County Court will be  apprised of any request relating to the right to obtain a report on, correction to or deletion of data of a personal nature if there has been no response to the request within 45 days of making the request, or if the request is refused. If at any time you believe we fail to respect your personal privacy, please send a letter or e-mail to: (privacy@barreaudeliege.be). We shall do everything possible to identify and correct the problem.
Should you require further information, you can contact the Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy at the following address: Commission pour la Protection de la Vie Privée,  1000 Brussels, Rue de la Presse 35 (Tel. + 32 2 213 85 40.  Fax. + 32 2 213 85 65 - commission@privacy.fgov.be). You can inspect the public register of automated processing of data of a personal nature.