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The Bar

The Bar of lawyers includes those lawyers who are registered on the table and on the list of trainees.

The President of the Bar and the Bar Council

"The President of the Bar is the figurehead of the Bar of lawyers.

He convenes and presides at the general  assembly of lawyers and the Bar Council ".


"The Bar Council is charged with:
 - protecting the honour of the Bar of lawyers
 - upholding the principles of dignity, probity and discretion upon which the profession is founded
 - curbing or punishing violations of the law and culpable errors by disciplinary means, without prejudice to the work of courts of law, where appropriate."


Such are the principal terms of law that strictly regulate the profession of a lawyer.

The President of the Bar, and Bar counsellors, are elected annually at the lawyers' general assembly.

Composition of the Bar Council

At the present time, the Bar Council of the lawyers at the Bar of Liège comprises:

President of the Bar : Maître Isabelle TASSET

Vice-President of the Bar : Maître Bernard CEULEMANS

Members of the Council of the Order : (by order of seniority in the Board) 
Maîtres Daisy DEVILLEZ, Dominique AARTS, Jean-Marc RIGAUX, Luc HERVE, Sébastier OLIVIER, Olivier VANDEN EYNDEN, Frédérique WETTINCK, Sandrine EVRARD, Thibaut MATRAY, Alexandre BUCCO, Grégory LAMALLE, Benoît LECARTE, Aline FAUFRA (Secretary), Jean ACOLTY, Sibylle GIOE.