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The fees

A distinction is made between the actual fees (in payment of the services rendered by your lawyer), administrative costs and expenses (secretarial services, travel, translations, etc.), and legal fees (bailiff fees, court fees, etc.).

Your lawyer will propose a form of remuneration within fair limits, taking particular account of the importance and complexity of the case, the work performed, the amount at dispute, the possible specialised nature of the case, the outcome and the degree of urgency.

Dependent on the form of intervention, the lawyer will propose one of the following:

  • an hourly fee
  • a flat fee
  • a percentage fee on the basis of the amount at stake,
  • a retainer fee.

Your lawyer will inform you of which method is being used and of the costs associated with managing the case, and will request progress-related payments.


In the case of any problem arising with regard to fees, you can contact the ombudsman, a lawyer who will listen to your problem free of charge, provide you with information and clarify the situation.

For more information, see

Should the ombudsman be unable to resolve the dispute, a reconciliation procedure between you and your lawyer is a further possibility.

Finally, the Bar's board can provide advice in fee conflicts.