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Arbitration is a voluntary and confidential way of managing disputes. It allows a conflict to be settled without recourse to the courts, and is conducted by one or more arbitrators selected and paid by the parties involved.


A lawyer can assist you in an arbitration case or himself act as an arbitrator on account of his competence and independence.


In September 2016, the Liege Bar set up the Euregio Arbitration Centre (EAC), offering lawyers and experts as arbitrators. They all have at least five years of professional experience, have taken appropriate supplementary training and have been certified by the bar association's Board:


Experts :

  • Richard Delviesmaison - Architect - FR
  • Michel De Keyser - Architect - FR
  • Didier Gofaux - Architect - FR
  • Pierre-Yves Voz - Architect - FR
  • Jean-Marc Dinant - PHD ICT - FR - EN
  • Michel Willems - Medical Doctor - FR
  • Anne Dorthu - Company Auditor - FR
  • Benoît Spruytte - Mechanical engineer - FR - EN
  • Stéfan Deleuze - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (PHD) - FR - EN


The EAC has developed rules of procedure combining flexibility and efficiency with the aim of allowing the parties concerned to come to a speedy decision with full legal (and even technical/scientific) backing.

In line with the Belgian Judicial Code, the EAC's rules of procedure have been designed to enable the parties to reach agreement on the number of arbitrators, the scope of their mission, the procedure to follow, the place at which the arbitration will take place, and the basic rules underlying the process, while at the same time respecting confidentiality and making sure that the associated costs are in line with the issues at stake:


As these Rules of Procedure only apply to the arbitration of a dispute specifically referred to the CAE, the latter recommends that the interested parties, right from the beginning of their relationship, provide for arbitration under the CAE umbrella through including in their contracts a clause as follows:


For more information, please contact the CAE secretariat: Palais de justice - place Saint Lambert, 16 - 4000 LIEGE, Tel.: +32 4 232 56 68, Fax: +32 4 223 19 99,